Origins and Perspectives of a Future E-Science Research Strategy

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Knowledge has become a factor of production. Hence, information access and knowledge exchange developed into decisive competitive factors. This holds especially true for intelligent, logical interconnection of knowledge in research.

Today, computer-based, intense cooperative research gets termed as e-science. It is not only about technology, but also encompasses networking scientists in highly distributed environments. Due to its significance, e-science is subject of numerous international research initiatives.

This study acquires the current state of German research activities in the area of e-science and identifies today’s deficiencies as well as desiderata. The study concludes with suggestions for action in the form of a draft for a research roadmap in the area of e-science.


At first, the study investigates starting points and prospective results of ongoing research activities in the area of e-science by examination of their current state. This study verifies the accomplishment of research objectives. Moreover, today’s deficiencies as well as desiderata get assessed in the light of international e-science research. The assessment especially considers relevant ongoing as well as planned EU programs. The study bases on project descriptions of the considered research activities, supplemented by direct dialogue with the conducting bodies.

Suggestions for action derived from the analysis get condensed to a roadmap for future e-science research activities. This roadmap’s dimensions encompass suggestions for action against the background of activities already under way, the strategic direction of future public infrastructures, options for these infrastructures’ local and regional arrangement, and international standardization and networking. The planning horizon covers dynamic aspects of the next three to five years to come.